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First Birthday Update Patchnotes 0.4.1


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New features

  • Added Onbu’s birthday festival. Festivals can be organised using the new Community Plaza. Fireworks launched from the Plaza and accompanying Fireworks Launcher decorations raise the morale of Onbu and your villagers.
  • Added first iteration of Onbu Customization. You can choose the appearance and the name of your Onbu at the start of a new game. This feature will be extended in the future.
  • Added setting to add a safe zone for the screen border to fix issues when playing on older TVs.
  • Jungle Flu and Tapeworms can now be cured.

New Buildings

  • Community plaza
  • Fireworks launcher


  • Fixed bug where a missing resources flag was displayed on  Decontaminators with enough resources
  • Fixed many bugs where the city suddenly disappeared
  • Fixed bug where a save could not be loaded and all resources were set to 999
  • Fixed bug where the last surviving villager was forever trapped in the scavenger hut
  • Fixed bug where achievements related to feeding Onbu with the Trebuchet were not unlocked correctly
  • Fixed bug where mission with cooldowns, like petting Onbu, could be started at two buildings at the same time
  • Fixed bugs with wrong letters for the arabic localization
  • Fixed bug where the village disappeared when placing a road outside of bounds


  • Changed the Village Doctor’s ‘Placebo’ upgrade to not use any herbs at all, lowered mortality rate
  • Controls setting now allow mouse keys for mapping
  • Added ability to place housing on top of existing housing and deco on top of existing deco, for example to replace a tent with a hut
  • Added progress bar to tutorial to see overall progress
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