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Make a Warriors cats OC!


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We Will be using this chart thing to make them, This is Just for fun, after the ocs are finished they will be availabre to be adopted for free by the first comment asking for them (the drawing on the side was made by me Just for this chart, The cat Will be draw Diferently) (please Ignore any misspellings I made this at about 5am and didn't bother to double check)

‼️‼️(Also there was not much space but 10th comment gets to choose personality and after the 10th comment, this will be restarted at the 11th comment to make another cat)‼️‼️



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8 minutes ago, ap0110 said:

ThunderClan Medicine Cat

(I just spent like 20 minutes researching the different clans in warrior cats so I could comment something bc I've never read warrior cats but you beat me to it lol)

Small Blue bird feathers across their back

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Personality (and a bonus Idea that whoever gets them can use If they would like to) (Im not that good with Personalities sorry!)

ShadePelt is a Wise, Hardworking medicine cat yet they feel Lonely and can be selfish at times, However they try to keep their selfishness to themselves (Bonus ldea: they also Plan on asking the leader to give them a apprentice so that they wont feel that lonely!) (Time for me to go draw them!)

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