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Add to my Minecraft house (V2)


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Here's how the game works: I have built a simple house in creative mode. If you haven't played minecraft, in creative mode you have no hunger or healthbar and infinite resources.

You can comment anything on this post, and I will add it to the house. New rooms, other additions, anything. Can be something nice (eg: 'Add a pond with lilypads and axolotls') or something silly (eg: 'build a giant egg on the roof')

Over time the additions will combine into the most beautiful mansion



Rules of requests:

  • No redstone contraptions or anything that would be really hard/take a long time to build 
  • Nothing that breaks forum rules. Like don't ask me to build an innapropraite shape anywhere 💀
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6 minutes ago, ._Glitch._.Moon_. said:

Build a pond thats detailed with stuff like, seaweed, axolotils, lily pas, etc


3 minutes ago, takoyamaaaS said:

a sign that says i love tako 

hanging sign my beloved

tried to put fish in the pond but the axolotls killed them all, I didn't know axolotls killed fish in this game-


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