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On 2/24/2024 at 9:03 PM, BirbMonstwo said:


So, the trip. I was supposed to come back tomorrow, but that situation has changed due to issues with my mom’s passport. My dad and brother (the one on the forums, not the baby) are flying tomorrow,  but me, my mom, and the rest of my siblings have to stay here for a while. 

The reasons for who is staying is that the toddlers don’t exactly have a choice, my other sister wants to stay for some reason, and I have to because my mom needed me to help her.

When will I return? I don’t know, probably Eastertime? I’ll be studying here and everything. 

I’ll update y’all if anything interesting happens.




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On 2/22/2024 at 8:57 PM, BirbMonstwo said:

Trampoline park storytime from a few days ago:

I was a little bit tired and bored so I started building a wall out of blocks in the foam pit. However my wall was blocking one of the paths around it, and some kids wanted to go through. There was three of them and they all looked like six years old.

Obviously I didn’t want my wall demolished, so these kids decided not to and one of them complimented my wall, then she started talking about how it was her birthday while I was like ‘Uhh ok,” with a straight face to everything

Then they ran off and went around the other side. The birthday kid randomly pointed at me and said ‘YOU’RE MY FRIEND NOW!’ And then they all ran off to build their own foam block wall

Completley forgot this happened

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59 minutes ago, BirbMonstwo said:

My Google doc titles

The last one has absolutely NOTHING to do with what I’m writing about.






Explanation for Rick is that I was trying to write something else and it autocorrected to Rick for some reason 

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12 hours ago, lizardcake said:

hi i uh. i drew your little skrunkly for no reason in particular

i experimented with the style a bit, they were really fun to draw :))


Omg thank you!!!!!!

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2 hours ago, BirbMonstwo said:

I’M HOME!!!!

why did i immediately think of that song that goes "when i came to Poland i saw my car was stolen-"

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