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Anyways even though I kos a lot here's some types of kosing I do not approve of-

  • When they're annoyingly vocal about it in chat, flexing how many people they killed and how strong their creature is/acting like they own parts of the map
  • Purposeley targeting specific types of creature (usually just because they¬†don't like those species) or people with muts
  • Spawnkilling or targeting the same person
  • Hacking


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Thing that happened to me in cos (copy pasted from the wiki)


I bought megalodystix from the trade realm and while playing as it I met another person who was also playing as megalo. We joined the same pack and made our base and nests in the mesa. We took turns to hunt players for meat and gaurd the nests, until eventually we hatched a child, planning to grow a megalo army

Then this Irizah showed up and got me down to half health before the other megalo came to help me and the iri escaped, and after running away they said: 'that blue bird will die one way or another'

After a few minutes a Sang Toare showed up and started attacking me. I died but from the other person's chat messages afterwards I managed to bring down the sang with me



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I have been grinding menace mutations because it's my favourite creature



And I gave them all names:


First one is Colgate the glimmer Menace, he screams a lot and throw tantrums becaus he wanted to be shadow or glowtail instead




Second is Milk the albino Menace, very peaceful, just sits politley. They like watching snow fall



Third is Loaf the leucistic Menace. She is a mom and spends most of her time eeping



And most recent is Caliginosity the melanistic Menace, Loaf's child. They are always watching, you cannot escape.




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