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Andromeda's 2nd homethread where HAMILTON WROTE THE OTHER 51


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why do the CoS devs love nerfing creatures that were perfectly fine 

-when recode came out they demoted all of my fav tier 4s to tier 3s (teinook, heisoteri, tarakotu, vetemortem, ovufu) and took away a bunch of their health

-fleuralis's health went from 8000 to 7000 

-ardor's health went from 8500 to 6000 

-hyboria's health went from 7000 to 3750 (😬)

-exterreri's damage went from 500 to 425 

and a bunch more random unnecessary nerfs that ruined creatures

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On 2/19/2024 at 6:45 PM, Andromeda_ said:

i wrote an entire essay about some of my clangen cats in google docs so im just copypasting it here

(context: in a lifegen playthrough of mine, Rushfangs was a cat who murdered 9 people, so i decided to make her into an OC because why not) 


Slatestar laid in his nest, dim moonlight rays shining onto the WildClan camp’s clearing as he stared at nothing. He tossed and turned in his nest, yet sleep didn’t seem to be coming to him anytime soon. He sighed, creeping out of his den a little to look up at the moon. He stared at the night sky for a few minutes, until he heard faint muttering. His ears swiveled, and he turned his head to see Rushfangs, sitting on a stump near the edge of camp, staring up at the stars, her expression blank. Her pet scarlet kingsnake, Bloodlust, was wrapped around her neck, looking around. Her split red-and-gray tortoiseshell pelt shined under the glow of the moon. 


Slatestar slowly approached the young warrior, sitting down next to the stump and looking up at the sky with her. Rushfangs seemed upset about something, digging her claws into the stump and hissing under her breath. After a minute or two of silence, Slatestar spoke up. “Why are you out so late, Rushfangs?” 


“I could ask you the same question.” Rushfangs muttered. “I was just thinking about stuff. You know, my purpose in WildClan, my future as a warrior…” Slatestar could tell that was a lie, but he decided not to press the she-cat about it. He simply nodded. “I’ll leave you to your thoughts, young warrior.” The old leader said, turning back around towards his den. He plopped back into his nest, staring at the ceiling for a while. But then he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. 




Slatestar was in some sort of empty forest. Blood coated the ground and bones and skulls were littered everywhere.  He looked around nervously, but there was nothing in sight. He heard soft pawsteps, and turned to see a StarClan cat standing nearby, their pelt glimmering with stars. The leader acknowledged the cat with a respectful dip of his head. 


The StarClan cat took a step closer, their blank white eyes piercing his fur like claws sinking into freshkill. “A rush of blood-stained fangs will tear apart a wild Clan.” The StarClan cat said robotically, their eyes and the stars on their pelt glowing brighter. 


“Wh-what!?” Slatestar yelped. The StarClan cat repeated it louder. “A rush of blood-stained fangs will tear apart a wild Clan.” More StarClan cats appeared, surrounding Slatestar. “A rush of blood-stained fangs will tear apart a wild Clan.” The voice became louder and louder as more StarClan cats appeared. 


Slatestar tried to run from the noise, his ears stinging from the chorus of voices. But more StarClan cats appeared, blocking his way and repeating the same prophecy. “WHAT DOES IT MEAN!? MAKE IT STOP!” Slatestar yowled, falling to the ground and covering his ears as the chant continued. “A rush of blood-stained fangs will tear apart a wild Clan!” 


The roar of the voices suddenly came to a halt as all the StarClan cats vanished. Slatestar lifted his head, his breath shaky as he picked himself up off the ground. He expected to wake up from this dream any second now, but nothing was happening. 


Slatestar heard a hiss and whipped his head around to see a scarlet kingsnake. The scaly creature hissed again before darting at the leader, biting his leg, Slatestar easily shook the critter off, sending it flying a few feet off. Strange. Kingsnakes don’t usually attack cats… 


Slatestar suddenly heard more hisses as more kingsnakes slithered out of bushes, surrounding him. They wrapped around his legs, causing him to trip and fall as the swarm of red snakes piled onto him. He gasped for air as they coiled around his neck, slowly choking him. Their hisses almost sounded like voices to him, once again whispering "A rush of blood-stained fangs will tear apart a wild Clan.” Slatestar pleaded for air one last time, before falling to the ground. 




Slatestar awoke from the horrible dream, still panting and gasping for air. His neck was still sore, as if the snakes had really been wrapped around it. He peeked outside of the den. It was morning now, cats were rising from their nests, walking around, picking up their morning freshkill, and waiting for deputy Ravenear to begin organizing patrols. 


He quietly crept over to the medicine den, nudging Zinniaberry, the medicine cat, awake. “Huh-” She muttered, her eyes fluttering open to see Slatestar looking at her worriedly, his breathing panicked. ‘What’s wrong!?” She yelped, sitting up. 


“I had a dream with a prophecy. ‘A rush of blood-stained fangs will tear apart a wild Clan.’ In the dream I got killed by kingsnakes…I think it’s about Rushfangs.” Slatestar said worriedly. Zinniaberry shook her head. “Of course it’s about Rushfangs! I’ve had a feeling that something was wrong with her since she was an apprentice. She named her snake Bloodlust, for StarClan’s sake!” Zinniaberry hissed.


“But if the prophecy is true, then…that means she’ll tear apart the Clan!” Slatestar frowned. Zinniaberry put a paw in his shoulder reassuringly. “Don’t worry. We’ll do something to try and prevent this. Isolate her from the rest of the Clan, or something like that.” She said, her tail flicking. 


Slatestar shrugged. ‘Well, I guess that could work.” 


(spoiler alert: isolating Rushfangs from the clan did NOT work)

im gonna explain the entirety of Rushfangs's story now :3. this is all based on a lifegen playthrough, except for the part about Hyenahowl, since Rush never had kits in-game


Rushkit was a single kit found alone and abandoned. She was adopted into WildClan by Ravenear and Ferretfern. (btw Cosmic if you're seeing this the clan name similarity is a coincidence, i created my WildClan before i even knew the forums existed) 

When Rushkit became an apprentice, she found an injured scarlet kingsnake. She nursed it back to health and named it Bloodlust. 

Rushpaw became a warrior and was named Rushfangs. A few moons after Rushfangs becomes a warrior, Slatestar, WildClan's leader, recieves a prophecy in a dream: "A rush of blood-stained fangs will tear apart a wild Clan." He realizes that it's about Rushfangs (a rush of blood-stained fangs) and decides to isolate her from the rest of the clan so she doesn't kill anyone. 

This plan backfires as Rushfangs goes insane from the isolation and murders Sporemask (a random elder) and Zinniaberry, the medicine cat who she had a grudge against since she was an apprentice. Rushfangs is caught in the act of murdering Zinniaberry and is exiled. However, Rushfangs continues to invade WildClan territory to kill more cats out of spite. She kills Flipfern, Goldflare, Quailleaf, Ferretfern, Ravenear, Nutfur, and Juliesnap. 

After a while, Rushfangs stops murdering WildClan members and settles down at a barn. She meets a kittypet there who she has a single kit with, Hyenakit. However, her kittypet mate's housefolk move away, leaving her and Hyenakit alone. Rushfangs begins to regret all of her past murders and tries to move on, focusing on providing for her and her kit. She attempts to sneak into WildClan territory to get some prey, but she is found by Sporespot, a member of WildClan. Sporespot kills her in revenge. 

Hyenakit, now alone, follows the scent of her mother and finds out that she has been killed. A WildClan patrol finds her crying by her mother and reluctantly takes her in, despite knowing that she is the daughter of a cat who tore apart the Clan. Sporespot is distrustful of her because of this.

Hyenakit grows into a warrior and is named Hyenahowl. She goes on a patrol with Sporespot and Pantherspeck. The other two are playing around near a cliff when a bunch of boulders tumble down, killing Pantherspeck. Another patrol arrives and Sporespot blames Hyenahowl. 

 Hyenahowl is exiled and she settles at the same barn that her mother lived in. Rushfangs, now a Dark Forest member, visits her daughter in her dreams, giving an explanation as to why the members of WildClan seemed to hate her so much. 

Sporespot corners Hyenahowl on the outskirts of WildClan territory and attempts to murder her. Sporepots reveals that he intentionally killed Pantherspeck (he brought the patrol to the cliff area knowing that the boulders were on the verge of falling), since he didn't like her much either. A patrol watching the encounter from the bushes hears this and helps Hyenahowl kill him. Hyenahowl is accepted back into the Clan, and her great-grandson, Jaguarstar, is the current leader of WildClan. 

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so if in the reason of that .

3 hours ago, Andromeda_ said:


technically I am living on a racism island 


my 2 braincells are overloaded

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4 hours ago, Andromeda_ said:



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1 minute ago, Loxfeaf said:

That looks so-


What have they done to Anis.

ani redesign 

i like it but the old one will always be in my heart 

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is it just me or is time FLYING BY 

like hello??? it was just april of 2023 and i was in the middle of my MSM phase simping over stoowarb like a madlad

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On 3/12/2024 at 10:41 AM, Andromeda_ said:

is it just me or is time FLYING BY 

like hello??? it was just april of 2023 and i was in the middle of my MSM phase simping over stoowarb like a madlad

ikr juts like a few days ago school stated but nope apparently it has been 8 WEEKS 

5 hours ago, Ozzy. said:

hey cos fan purple cat lady /pos /lh

o this sounds like me irl 😨

not the cos part 

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1 minute ago, icecat said:

not the cos part 

Cos you don’t play it (I’m sorry) (Cos sounds like ‘cause in my head)

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