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First, I love the vibe of this game, it feels very Studio Ghibli movie.

With resources, particularly food and water, I'd love to see some sort of indication of the rate of change. Right now the "how long will the food last" seems to be based on what your current stockpile is, and you know how much is consumed per day but not how much is produced. (Also, a confusing thing- I get villagers saying they're hungry even when the resource section says I have some food left. Is this a bug? Is it measuring berry piles on the ground they can't see?) Similar point with the water collectors- am I running low because I was just in a desert and need to refill the storage, or because I don't make enough even though I'm not in the desert now? I have no idea.

Also, would it be possible to assign crops per plot on a farm instead of having to build a whole new farm in order to grow more than one thing at a time?

Like others have said, I'd like to be able to expand population even without encountering nomads. Maybe if you have enough housing and food the villagers choose to reproduce occasionally?

I'd like to be able to rearrange buildings I've already constructed, but I understand this may be a choice to make it more realistic where the villagers have to deconstruct it first in order to do that.

I'd also like to be able to see how much trust Onbu has; it says various things increase or decrease it but not by how much and the only indicator seems to be "Onbu does not trust your command"

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Also, small quality of life thing: a drop down menu or other method that allows you to see all the options for the kitchens and farms etc, instead of having to click through one at a time.

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