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A tutarial tranning

asomkalay halta

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Hey ok I was completely confused on how to mine or do a couple of other things (not really important stuff).And what I didn't like was that I couldn't find it very accessible in game. Which really made me mad that I couldn't figure it out and had to close game and go look it up. Pretty much all i'm asking is that you put in a tutorial option .And if yall are already doing this then just send me a msg and I will delete this.

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Hi asomkalay halta


Nimbatus is currently in pre-alpha which means a lot of features for the final game are not yet included. A full tutorial which explains drone building, how to harvest resources, etc. is on the ToDo list for the final release. Currently we focus on gameplay features for the coming alpha. There's a rudimentary tutorial included in the drone editor which gives you the absolute basics on how to construct drones - but finer details and how to play the game is not yet implemented.


The drone mining is not in the tutorial as this part of the game is still in development and might be changed drastically - so we didn't waste time for creating a tutorial which will be outdated in the next few versions.

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