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Wasteland Biome


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I was thinking of a new biome which is the wasteland!  :o


-The wasteland wouldn't have berry bushes, instead you could harvest beetles or poisonous beetles from rotten trees! Maybe there could be piles of trash where there's a little possibility for gaining food!


-There would be new enemies that can poison you, like crocodiles and snakes! The snakes can't be poisoned and could be very poisonous, where even the toxic body and poison fangs can't avoid it! Crocodiles will live near water bodies and they would be very strong. 


-The water would be very contaminated so if one of your nichelings enters the water, he/she could get poisoned!


-Acid rain can damage your nichelings, so there would be caves where the nichelings can be safe, or if the nichelings have the correct gene, they could make their own holes, but they wouldn't be as efficient as the natural ones. Each cave can contain a limited number of nichelings.


-I was thinking having genes (like the prehistoric ones) where nichleings will have to find them. Some ideas are:

-Immune to toxic water and acid rain

-Catching beatles easily.

- Another poisonous gene

- A paw that will allow your nichelings to make holes

- Ability to warn and scare other animals using a rattle tail (a tail which rattlesnakes use)


If someone has another idea to be included on the wasteland biome, feel free to add them in the comments! (sorry if this is a bit confusing, english isn't my native language).

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