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First Image: My current tribe that is descended from the mighty Adam. (I think they're on their 3rd Island since I got Eve)

Second Image: My favorite tribe with their magnificent eyebrows and Albinism. :3

Third Image: An old image of one of my first tribes (that no longer exists) where I had 3 sets of twins- 1 identical set and 2 not.( 1 set look almost identical but I just noticed their eye colors are different)




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1st picture: This is Iskoko, my Goddess of the Grasses. In all of my tribes she is responsible for the grass that gives them all coverage. When she was young a bearyena killed some of her family, and she escaped because she fled into the tall grass to hide herself. She has been thankful for the grass ever since.(She is also the drawing on my profile Picture)


2nd picture: Kirroku, My god of Hope. When his faction (So i have one big tribe, but then i split that tribe into factions, He was of the Savannah faction, Hence the yellow gems) was still small they took in a wandering female, that female was his mother, and when he was born, his Faction was given the Hope that they will survive.


3rd picture: Rela, My Goddess of Balance. She was the last child born to her parents (Can't remember their names, Sorry) She is the Goddess of balance because since her parents just died, they had no Alpha. And when she gained her second gem, she approched her faction with a firm voice to tell them to stop fighting amongst themselves, or else their beloved faction would cease to exist. She restored balance to her faction and was elected as Alpha in her parents place.



Rela Goddess Of Balance.PNG

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First is of Laralee, she was from a savannah tribe and sacrificed most of her life chopping down cacti so her tribe wouldn't starve.

Second is of Meana, a creature I freed from the ice. She saved the tribe from a balance bear with the help of her children, unfortunately the tribe died off after a few generations to sickness due to lack of immunity genes.

Third is Kirkuduk and his mate Lako. Kirkuduk led an attack against a balance bear even though he's not that strong. I allowed him to have a few children even though there was a risk of double deformed paw, but somehow, the mutation menu helped all four of the children have double bearyena claws.

Fourth is the Meane family. The white porcupine is the mother of all of those ones. They were a jungle family who wasn't too suited to the jungle. I absolutely loved them. Unfortunely at one point twins were born, both were lost to the ape due to the others fleeing.






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This is Rikuta, his name is a combination of his father's name and his mother's name.  His mother needed to pass on an immunity gene before she died but had no mate. His father desperatly wanted a mate and to be a father. They happened to meet on his mother's last day alive. She died as she gave birth to Rikuta.


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This is Star-Gaze, a very special nicheling born today while testing the new update. He has the purr snout and the peacock tail, and he's a blind-albino nicheling. Since the moment he was born I absolutely fell in love with him! I was just trying to spread the new genes in my testing tribe and this came out! One of my favorite nichelings so far <3


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This is Issi, a wanderer I found. Her gray fur mixed in with her blind eyes makes her one of my favorite creatures. Plus, poison fangs and big body are two of my favorite genes!


This is Kois, another wanderer. I found her on a killer island and she was my first J immunity creature. Kois is now the goddess of growth and fertility within my tribe.


This is Mero. I really love his pattern!


This is Smoke, also known as "The Shadow Child".


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On 28.4.2018 at 4:07 PM, ShriekingPterodactyl said:

This is Rikuta, his name is a combination of his father's name and his mother's name.  His mother needed to pass on an immunity gene before she died but had no mate. His father desperatly wanted a mate and to be a father. They happened to meet on his mother's last day alive. She died as she gave birth to Rikuta.


This story reminds me of one of my creatures.

(WARNING! This story will turn to be a story of my whole snow tribe!)

Her name was Clawite (Claw+white). She lived at the time of the mountain update. She had yellow fur mixed with white fur, poison fangs, one claw and one runner leg. Her whole life she seached for a mate, but immunity was never on her side. She had two days of life left, when she found her true love. I think his name was Kuvan. Kuvan was a yellow male with stripes and poison fangs. They had two beautiful twin boys called Kuwite and Clavan. She got to spend one day with them before passing away. Her sons were send with a group to look for a snow island. Raven, the melanistic son of Tata was in the group. (I found Tata as a baby and if you watch Seri, you know that you should never rename a creature named Tata). One of the twins got damaged and almost the whole group died. When they got to the snowy island, only the twins and a female with poison fangs were alive. Luckily they didn't have to worry about food, because I had 1000+ food. They bred before both of the boys passed away. Then my females (she and her daughters) started beeding with all males available, witch meant rogue males and a spits-nouted wanderer. My tribe ended up being mostly spit-snouted double no-paw creatures trying to hunt rabbils and walrush deer (big body+horns). I still had a good line as well. That line bred with my ice block nicheling who had megahorns. Then at 500+ food I moved best of them to a savannah island. Then our computer broke and I lost the save.

The end.

Also here are some pictures of them. I had a few screenshots of Tata, but I don't know if they died with our old computer...


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Here are a few royals of mine:

Mocha, of the Blossom Tribe 3.0 (Tribe of the Blossoming Flowers)
A playful and mischevious Nicheling, a short snouted creature born from two derp snout parents,
in a tribe of derp snouts. He was deemed royal after birth, due to his odd short snout never seen by the tribe.
He is only young but when he grows he is to be paired with the finest female, and to produce royal babies.
After he dies, one of his sons will take his place as the royal of the tribe.

Caramel, of the Blossom Tribe 3.0 (Tribe of the Blossoming Flowers)
A quiet and shy Nicheling, a long snouted creature born from two derp snout parents,
in a tribe of derp snouts. He is the brother of the royal Mocha, and will be deemed royal
if Mocha so happens to die before producing any sons. He is actually looked down upon
for being born so soon after his brother Mocha. He will surely be overthrown if he were to become royal.

Vantaduck, of the Blossom Tribe 3.0 (Tribe of the Blossoming Flowers)
A strong and attractive Nicheling. First of the tribe with the peacock tail, father of Caramel and Mocha.
Said to be unworthy of the royal title. Conflict about if Vantaduck and his mate, Reanara, can truly be called royalty.
Reanara does not care about the royal title, and is only proud of her son Mocha for being deemed as royal.
Vantaduck continues to fight for the royal title, but is it really worth it?

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  • Jojo changed the title to Share your favourite nichelings!
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This post will include the best among my "Matka alkaa" tribe. (And also a few other nichelings)


First the Matka alkaa tribe






I love him! He is one of the coolest nichelings I've ever seen!




The fourth and also the last born from Adam and Eve. It was close. I ran out of nesting material and I had to leave Eve's home so that she could give birth before she died. Adan was also the only one of Adam's kids with the home island immunity, so if Eve had died before giving birth, that would have been it for Adams quest! He has "the Adam color" and everyone with that color are his decedants.



Ossek and Ossel are Ossen's grand sons.




Silatlan was Ossen's first born daughter



Adala and Adanunu




Sisters Aava and Is it me?



Then some family fotos!


Mole row!



That spotty baby in the nest is Ossen's daughter Ossa. She is Ossel's and Ossek's mom.







Believe it or not, Kirduk was born as a wanderer! He is Ossek's and Ossel's dad.





Then some creatures from my other tribes!



I just love his coloring!



Sila and Lasi were two wanders! It's obious that they are sisters!



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More creatures! Woo!

Fishstar, leader of.. er, no Clan name as of yet, but her daughter (Coconutstar! Woo!) became leader and after the next one (Bluestar!) her grandson (Deerstar!) became leader as well!


Tuliptail, daughter of Fishstar and mother of the newest leader, Deerstar!Niche2018Tuliptail.thumb.png.8942335be0349a5e99c33c6e3bed6035.png

This little guy who was found drowning in the river and saved by the courageous warrior Sunshade! (Deerstar's brother-in-law---seen with meat at his paws) (other warrior is Spottail, a son of Deerstar) (Yeah, Deerstar is pretty much related to everybody)Niche2018WarriorsDuckkit.thumb.png.5b509b9ac21ab153300d449c4cdfd3d7.png

This little baby, Nightkit, who' melanistic and has Peacock Tail! (She's named after a black Nicheling who also had Peacock Tail who died the day Nightkit was born)


And finally, this guy, who somehow didn't make it into my other post-- The famed Meringue of the Kikonoko Tribe, the sickly but noble Nicheling who is on my profile picture. His descendants are spread throughout (probably) the entire tribe, but he was the last to have Ram Horns, which was quite common when his mother was a child, but the antlers soon took over (He was also the last to have spots as well). Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of his genes, because by the time I really liked him, he was already dead (that was when I took the picture), and by the time I wanted a photo of his genes, his children had all passed away, which meant he was kicked off the Family Tree (please oh PLEASE let us see more of it in a future update). I can't even tell what tail he had :(


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That's some nice creatures that everyone has :0 

I recently got this beautiful one that I absolutly adore, I kinda don't want to play on the savefile anymore cuz I don't want to lose them!puffin.thumb.png.fca8f65bf95d345e22e043535d91f4f7.png


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Update with more creatures! 🐾

This is Icing. I love his pattern!


Here is Vanta. He's probably one of the cutest nichelings I've ever had.


Virleko, a starter I had in a 0.5.0 tribe. He's probably the most beautiful starter I've ever gotten on any version of Niche.


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Today I saw this beautiful member of Adam's tribe. Her Name is Mera and I wish I could invite her to my tribe and have babies with her!



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Sorry for a third response, but this guy is just ADORABLE and I have to share his cuteness with everyone :D

Dukvan, God of the Seas! One of my creatures found him just wandering by!  Btw, @Lilytuft. I found him on my tribe I'm using to try and get that Ramfox Nicheling on your Breeding Goals 🥔 page. Niche2018Dukvan2.thumb.png.e6efa481a7609fd13e8c6832ee967afb.pngNiche2018Dukvan1.thumb.png.3216f8151806dfc645ec4dc2a10ea5cc.png

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I ended up with my little scorpion family all in one spot, they're all so cute and also I'm kinda proud of myself, I haven't actually unlocked the scorpion tail yet, I was just lucky enough to get a wanderer with the tail and through some very selective breeding, I've managed to keep it in my tribe! I love my little desert family


Niche - a genetics survival game 8_07_2018 9_59_36 PM.png

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I just lost my first tribe last night so I'm a little emotional, but I managed to save pictures of a few favorites. 

First we have the twins, Prince and Prophet. Prince had my first Peacock Tail and they were my first Antenna Nichelings.

Second picture is Tox, Prince's daughter with a wanderer we took in. She was my first Toxic Body Nicheling.



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