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Patchnotes 0.3.2 Closed Alpha

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Dear crew

We just released the update 0.3.2 for the closed alpha on Steam.

We constantly look at the suggested features and drone parts with the most votes and add them to the game if we like them and if they don't get in the way of the bigger features we work on  :) 

So please keep posting your ideas and upvote the suggestions an drone parts you like most!

Engine Upgrade

We have upgraded our engine. Please report if you have any crashes or new performance problems or any other issue that did not happen with the previous version.

New Features

  • Added Buffer logic part ( Link )
  • Added Camera Tracker part ( Link )
  • Added numerical input fields to the drone part configuration ( Link )


  • Reduced Boombug explosion force
  • Added new shaders for lasers
  • Shootforce Downgrade 2 is now correctly -100% instead of -40%


  • Fixed Sumo Matchmaking if Steam is not running
  • Fixed popping of terrain and objects
  • Fixed unintentional import of sumo opponent weapons
  • Fixed Tags when using them as input for Not / If or Switch gates

If you encounter any problems please report them in Bugs
Thank you!


Stray Fawn Studio

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