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Simulation Mode

Dun(ce) Crow


An interesting way to play this game is as a simulation of evolution, that is, with minimum input from yourself, to see what kind of form the nichelings would take based on their environment.

This new mode beside story and sandbox would allow that playstyle to its full extent:

As much or more pre-game customization as in sandbox mode, but AI-controlled nichelings ingame. You can: Look at their genetics, change the speed of the game (perhaps even automatic Day changes? If so, it should be disalbable), and a button to cause Migration (the youngest nichelings move to the Migration Plattform and then to the next Island).

This way, Niche could serve as a simulator for evolution, population genetics, and ecology.

The suggestion originally comes from my evo-devo prof who saw me and some friends play Niche in the cafeteria and started a conversation.

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