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[CLOSED] Win a Nimbatus Closed Alpha Steam key! - GIF competition, Topic: Sumo Battle


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Awesome idea @MARO445! Haven't seen this approach used yet in this way. Really cool :D

Everyone! All great entries so far. I really like your creativity when building autonomous drones. Looking forward to even more exciting sumo drones :) 

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We have voted on the winners for this weeks theme "Sumo Battle" and choose our favorite GIFs! All three will receive a Nimbatus Closed Alpha Key via PM.

1st place goes to @MARO445 for his epic magnet tree!


2nd place goes to @pieguy56 for his clever avoiding drone Stalin!


3rd place goes to @PhantomDerp for his grabbing drone!



Thank you very much for participating! If you didn't participate this time, we're permanently having GIF competitions with new themes, so please enter in the next competition!

Here's a link to the newest competition: Best Flight Show


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@MR. M THE GREAT It's really strange how short your Gifs are :/ I personally like the 4th Gif the best, because it tells a story and it long enough so that the viewer can understand what's going on. The other ones are so short it's hard to understand what's going on. Are you cutting/editing the Gifs afterwards?



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