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Win a Nimbatus Closed Alpha Steam key! - GIF competition, Topic: Sumo Battle

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Hi everyone :)

The 2nd GIF competition has ended. There were AWESOME entries, thank you all for participating!

So let's go right ahead and start a new one!
This competition's theme is: Sumo Battle

This time, only GIFs are allowed which play in the Sumo Arena (Sumo Arena, Sumo Training Arena). Post your most clever/cool/strongest, funniest/narrowly winning sumo drone GIFs and win a Closed Alpha key!
The deadline to enter is Wednesday, 30th of May.

Here are the rules:

  • Post your GIF right here in this thread.
  • Only GIFs recorded with the demo version are allowed in this competition.
  • @Roger, @Markus, @Micha and @Philo will pick 2 favorites.
  • The 2 winners receive a Closed Alpha Steam key for free
  • There will be only awarded one key per person. If you won in a previous contest, we won't award you another key.

Please note:
You can use [F9] to generate an animated GIF of the last 6 seconds gameplay, but feel free to use other tools.
Remember that the best GIF wins!

So even if your drone in awesome in terms of logic, make sure to also make those features shine in the spot light! For this contest the best looking GIF wins. We'll have contests which award pure logic/cleverness at a later time.
We maybe show some of these cool gifs on Twitter, Reddit, etc. Please only post here if that's ok with you.

Tipp: The GIF capture tool hides bad framerates. If you turn off the Bloom because of performance reasons, turn them on before recording the GIF. The game might have a low frame rate, but the resulting GIF should run smoothly and might result in nicer looking GIF because of the effects.

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I call this one: STALIN (Because it dodges stuff and sends things to do its bidding)

It works by dodging, and once in a safe spot launching a speedy drone that grabs the opponent and pushes them out of the ring. It is also really good at dodging on its own. I hope you like it.





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This one quickly flies away, dodging rockets and pushing the enemy. Now improved so it Always circles the middle.

I just realised my birthday is on 30th may xD



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@Floppy BlogartIf you have saved the drones, you can try to recapture the gif. The fights won't be exactly the same, but maybe the one you record now is even more interesting than the first one. Give it a try again. You can send in more than one gif.

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It is my first autonomus... with (a little) handle (I had win with this every sumo match wich I had played).


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