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The Ultimate Ape: The Hardest Challenge in Niche



So I’ve made a post for hybrid genes for existing creatures here:

And it includes the ultimate ape, but it’s the entity that works the most independently from the rest and thought it would be a good idea to make it its own post. 

The ultimate ape is for experienced players looking for a challenge.

The ultimate ape is a very rare entity that spawns in with another ape on a different area on the island. When it spawns in, it makes a very distinct sound. It is the best combination of the great apes; having excellent sight, hearing, and smell; and can only be found on the deep jungle island. It’s appearance is like a mixture between the three apes. The ultimate ape will spawn as a child and will become an untamable adult after 50 days. It is only tamable as a child and requires 100 food to tame which can be separated into 10s, 20s, and 50s at a cost (alternatively, have new menu pop up for how much to give to the ape). Separating food gifts wears off 1 food point a day and each feeding (regardless of amounts) takes one point of energy. When the ultimate ape becomes a “tamed” adult, you will have to provide it with 10 food points every 10 days. The ultimate ape starts off with 10 food points when it grows up. Each feeding of 10 points is one point of energy. Feeding does stack meaning feeding it 50 food points on day lasts for 50 days. There would be a bar or icon letting you know how much longer you have. Missing feeding the ultimate ape makes it feral and untamable.
The ultimate ape is neutral as a child, extremely aggressive as an adult, and neutral as an adult if it was tamed and is maintained. Letting the ultimate ape grow up without taming it would be one of the hardest, if not hardest, challenges in Niche. If any creature is ever caught on its radar, it will immediately target that creature. It can be distracted by other food resources and other apes for 2-3 days. It likes to move around to make it less predictable. If creatures have distasteful appearance, distasteful scent, and strong voice, it will not attack.

There could be two achievements for the ultimate ape:
Master of Beasts - Tamed an ultimate ape for life
Master Hunter - Kill the ultimate ape
Ultimate Ape Stats:
6 sight
6 smell
6 hearing
4 defense
5 strength
2 collecting
2 speed
Immune to poison
Drops 100 food points
Lifespan - 250 days

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I sort of like the idea, I mean I hate the jungle so I don't know how much I would need this but in itself the idea is cool :D I'm a little bit confused with the feeding system though. You say it needs 10 food every 10 days once its tamed? How is that any different from just needing one food every day? For it to be more of a challenge shouldn't it be like 2 or 3 pieces of food a day (or even more)? 

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@Jojo There is no difference than 1 food point a day, but the reason I decided to explain it that way is because you feed it in chuncks of 10 food at a time. Each Nicheling action for feeding once the ape is an adult will be 10 food points so you could have a creature use two of its turns feeding the ape for 20 food points.

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I agree. It should only be on the killer-jungle island. And even with the distasteful appearance, stealth, and bad smells the ape should still be able to attack. Just not as much as a nicheling with out these traits. Depending on what features the nicheling has that should be how much damage gets dealt.

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