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New Head: Clever Jaw



Based off of ants, I figure I can bring this head back into the active suggestions now that we have antennae xD Last year an insect head was deemed far-fetched, but I figure it's a little less so at this point. ❤️ This was, after all, my personal favorite among all my suggestions from last year

Consider this head a jack of all trades- except smelling. It can't smell worth a lick. But dangit, it's cute, so I'd be willing to overlook that. It gives +1 strength, +1 gathering, +1 cracking, and +1 digging. The eye would also be a solid color with no iris/pupil, and would bulge out a little from the head.

"But Mystic, what do we have to do to gain this new gene?!" Easy- STARVE your nichelings. What? You have to take physical damage to gain Spikey Body, so having to starve in order to gain Clever Jaw isn't that much of a stretch.

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36 minutes ago, Leaellynasaura said:

That would be really handy to have with wings, for collecting and stuff! Giving some more options besides just a beak .

Plus I'm all about cute things and I personally find this cuter than a beak xD 

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20 minutes ago, Draconiya said:

I love this suggestion, just... why is it called a "Clever Jaw"? Do you mean Cleaver? I'm confused, could someone explain?

Clever, as in smart, because it's based off ants and is supposed to be a jack of all trades. Because ants are smart. :) 

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