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New Tail: Blubber Tail



Another repost from last year, this one is based off of leopard geckos, because I have a sibling who owns a yellow one, and I find their food storage interesting.


If you run out of food, a nicheling with Blubber Tail can last three days without receiving damage from starving.

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8 hours ago, Fishyfishyfishy500 said:

good tail, is it detachable or provide anything else?

No, because living for three days without damage when you have 0 food is already a pretty powerful ability that may or may not even be broken, so I feel adding anything more to this tail would be going too far.

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I like the concept, not the name. Blubber is fatty, but it's not what's in a leopard gecko's tail. I would think that if nichelings can store fat like that, then a camel body would be in order. Also, if a nicheling's tail were to detach, it would still take damage. It just won't be able to store fat for a number of days, or as well. The predator would also be distracted by the tail for a time, giving the nicheling a chance to run, which is what it's for. The tail you drew looked like my own leopard gecko's, and her tail looked like that because someone at the pet store mishandled her and she dropped it. It really looks more like an alligator's tail when it hasn't been broken. Also, not all lizards with detachable tails store fat in them, leopard geckos specifically have that dual trait (so, they're tails are a bit too powerful!)

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