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If you guys could put in a simple lan interface like minecraft has/ or u can choose to have dedicated pvp/pve servers. I think Lan development should get you can get geared up for mulitplayer servers later in the games development. Just a possibility, would love to tackle super hard planets with friends.


Important features for multiplayer/lan

-Assuming u put multiplayer as a tab in the main menu u will need a user login (can be added later/ or could just ask for user name when entering

-toggle in lan creation for friendly fire

-toggle for password/public

-harder enemies/more enemies. (valve does this well with portal and borderlands series)

-name tags on players

-different coloured nimbatuses/ship things w/name tags above and locations on map

-ability to join same planet with other players

-ability to fight in sumo arenas

-for multiplayer servers need a chat but that can be added later thanks to apps like discord

-rewards for pvp

-way to stop auto drones killing everyone instantly/ rebalancing for pvp


anything I missed out?


thnx  8)

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