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Texture Glitching


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There is a problem I am starting to have, and once I just thought it was just a hiccup due to this being an unreleased beta, until it happened again!  The first time it just effected one baby Nichling and now its three.  You can see the image of them below.


Additional Notes: This seems to fix itself after you quit and go back to the game as you will see below here.  It is also I believe of importance to note that this appears to only happen on Nichlings that have a thick pattern.  I will also note that I am using the higher quality graphics settings.



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Oh no, now it is glitching really bad! o.O  The textures for some of the symbols didn't even show up at one point and the family tree was just shaking pixels.  What in the world is going on, help.

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5 hours ago, Jojo said:

Wow, that's and odd one though I have to agree with @Pokestardragacraft these Nichelings look really cool! We need a pattern like this now ^^ (of course not moving or anything, I can see how that could be bad for the eyes :) )

You inspired me, gonna make a suggestion of it!

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