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Toxic Colors are Heritable



Instead of having toxic body colors  be random,  have them  be heritable, like  regular fur colors.    Programming-wise,  perhaps have toxic colors correspond to regular fur colors (beige=yellow,  chestnut=red,  moss brown=green,  etc.), so that  there's just a toggle as to whether  it  is the bright toxic color or the regular color.    This system would also let you could get intermediate colors, like toxic orange.   White and black could serve as modifiers  making pastel  or darker (but still  bright) colors.

It just doesn't make any sense that my toxic tribe is totally psychedelic (unless  they've been  grooming  each other and are hallucinating).

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I really like the idea that the toxic colors would be linked to the regular fur colors, it would certainly provide more consistency! I know fur colors display incomplete dominance, but maybe the toxic color could only be influenced by the "dominant" fur color? It wouldn't allow for mixed toxic colors, but it might be easier than programming a neon version of every mixed fur color, plus it might be hard to mix a red and green toxic body (for example) and have it stay vibrant. :) 

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I like this idea - it would be really cool to have a whole tribe of neon green nichelings. Not sure on complete mixing, as it would yield 36 combinations, maybe a simpler system could work better:

  • moss or chestnut → blue toxic fur
  • red or red-brown → red toxic fur
  • beige or yellow → yellow toxic fur
  • white or black → random (as now)

With blue+red = magenta, blue+yellow = green, red+yellow = orange.

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1 hour ago, Sheireen said:

yea, the random thing is weird

I once had copy paste twins in different colors xD

I had identical twins, but their spots were placed different XD

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