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Overwriting logic gate


I love your game but could you please add a logic gate that has 2 inputs and 2 outputs like this

A=C    AB=D


but when both of them are pressed the outpud will be D

sorry if my explaination is a bit rough

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Input A produces output C

Input B produces output D

Input AB produces output D


You can currently do this with four blocks.

IF A, then 1.  

NAND outputs 2, if only A, or only B, is pressed. (Not both, or neither.)

Output C, if both 1 AND 2 are input.

IF input B, output D.


You can reduce this to three if you merely use B as the final output, instead of requiring it to activate D.

IF A, then 1

NAND outputs 2, if only A or D are pressed, not both or neither.

If both 1 AND 2 are input, output C.


Someone verify this though.  It's the end of a long day.

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Take a look at this suggestion: 


This is a suggestion for a part that would provide a table of possible inputs.  Thus you could map out several inputs, and the output produced by ANY possible combination of these inputs.  I think this is a fantastic idea; it's more of a 'computer' part than a logic gate, but it lays out a lot of possible logic in a very easily understood way.  This would do exactly what you need here, and much more besides.

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