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The Blue Nicheling​


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Last night I had a dream. Only thing I remember from it is a blue nicheling. I remeber wondering where he just appeared to my tribe. I hoped it was not a dream. Sadly it was.

He looked like a normal two-gem nicheling, exept for the fact that he was completely blue and he had no gems. I think his eyes were black or dark blue. He had medium body, short snout, normal hindlegs, medium ears, one runners leg and one digging paw. I looked at his color genes. He had blue fur and dark blue fur.Colours.png.0b8344c134b6c5e9cb28e75f409d57d9.png

I think that these two posts might have caused the dream:


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Ah the Niche dreams. Got them always when a new update came out or was just around the corner because I was so excited to play and or played the whole day ^^

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It would be amazing if there was a new body type called the feather body. This genetic makes your nicheling's entire pelt covered in feathers just like the peacock tail. Not only would it cover the body but also the limbs so the legs have little flares of feathers and their necks have dramatic flares alongside their neck so when they attack these feathers flare up, or if they are calling to a mate these same feathers flare in a dramatic way. Another cool feature would to update the bird head for males or females or both were at the top of their head and their cheeks have the same kind of dramatic feather flares able to scare off enemies or maybe to help them find their true love. IDK MAH RANDOM IDEAS :3


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