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Nice example of inherited recessive genes


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I had two occassions now where the genes of the first generation showed really nicely in the third gen, while the second one looked different. I really love this especially for story purposes because it's just cute when the children look almost exactly like their grandpa. Thought I'd share the screenshots here for other people to enjoy as well :D

The names change a little with the second family but they are the same creatures :D (Kurovan became Russetpaw after his grandpa and Gorseclaw Gorsestar (yes yes warriors challenge ^^)







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11 hours ago, firestar123 said:

nice btw love the warrior cat names fox kit is cute

I almost always play with the warrior cat names, otherwhise I can never remember which creature is which ^^

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19 hours ago, firestar123 said:

sometimes i run out of names when all of my animals all look the same

Me too. Usually every generation then ends up with the names of the grandparents or I try to get really creative ^^

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1 hour ago, Bout de Carton said:

I tried to name my creatures like warrior cats once and I could never keep up with those x) 

Same XD

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