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New update (Wings & Whale Island) on main branch!


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Hey pack

The new update is now on the main branch :D
Here are the patch notes (version 1.1.4):

New Features

  • New paw gene (Wings) to jump over obstacles, swoop and sit on trees
  • New island (Whale Island)
  • Blue Birds can now be attacked if your animal can fly
  • New horn gene (Antenna) for weather prediction
  • New head gene (Purring Head) to heal surrounding pack mates
  • New head gene (Beak) which gives digging and collecting ability
  • New tail gene (Scorpion Tail) which makes animals venomous
  • New tail gene (Fin Tail) which gives high swimming ability
  • New tail gene (Peacock Tail) only works for males and attracts wild females
  • Lots of new trees! (Palms, Acacia, Mangrove, Asp)
  • Call when sitting on high places to attract wild Nichelings
  • Day Counter


  • Spiky body babies can't be picked up by blue birds anymore
  • Leeches die when they attach themselves to toxic body creatures
  • Armored body is impervious to leeches
  • Damage from cacti and thorns depends on defense (3+ defense = no damage)
  • Added different assets for travel ports (which show difficulty of new island)
  • Digging paws now give digging +2
  • Oak Nuts can now be smelled
  • Lowered default animal texture resolution for players with less than 4GB RAM


  • Arctic Ram Foxes now die of old age
  • Camouflage should now work with more fur color and grass combinations
  • Fixed several bugs when loading a savefile
  • The Animation when moving an animal should not loop anymore
  • Normal Blood Clotting can now be mutated
  • Identical Twins achievement should be awarded correctly
  • Globetrotter / Homecoming should not be awarded too early anymore
  • Clams / leeches no longer spawn on land
  • When restarting with the same bloodline, animals no longer can be blind
  • When restarting with the same bloodline, animals no longer can have the same immunity genes
  • Filtering for tail genes with spiky body now shows results
  • There should not be multiple digging buttons on an underwater field
  • Skeletons should now also appear on tree stumps
  • Visual fixes for poison fangs
  • Fixed Berry bush savannah double attack icon
  • Family tree can now be opened during the tutorial correctly
  • Survive in cold climate requirement now only requires temperature -1 instead of -2.
  • Toggling the UI on and off should not disable all notifications anymore
  • Typing 1,2 or 3 as the animal name should not toggle the senses anymore

Hope you enjoy ❤️
Please let us know if you have any trouble!

Your Stray Fawn Team

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