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Very old animal suggestions of mine I found



Oh boy old suggestions of mine, how fun

Note: I posted this on a steam discussion way back in February of 2017, and I'm guessing that's before even the mountain update (Possibly even jungle update), but even so, it's very outdated, so some things might resemble new things (Such as the wolves being similar to the Arctic ramfox).

Also, just in case you get confused, moving like rabbits / fish means moving when you do actions, moving like carnivores (This was before they were called Bearyenas mind you) means moving during night, and I called days 'turns' (I still do).

Sorry it looks weird, I didn't know how to fix it.


Goats- stick near high ground, are less common then rabbits but get more common the more high ground there is. Has the same movement as rabbits and drops 5 food. There are male and female goats- Males have horns and can deal 2 damage to a nicheling that attacks it. Females can move faster than males (2 tiles instead of 1). takes 2 hits to take out, if there is just one it will run, if there are multiple they would stay and try to attack as they think they are stronger than the nichelings.

Baby goats- spawn after turn if a male and female goat are near each other. only give 2 food but are easier to get. Stick near older goats and don't spawn that often.

Eagles- birds that roam around like the blue birds, but can't be seen if not above lit up tiles. Instead of swooping down to take pups, they take meat from things your Nichelings and carnivores kill before they could get to it even if a nicheling is next to the meat. They can attract the blue birds because the blue birds could think a tribe is near because of all the food it is trying to take. They stick on the ground for 2 moves (I presume every turn or so?) and can be attacked once for 3 food.  (Overpowered, much?)

Large fish- larger fish that give you 4 food and only spawn in deep water. Only nichelings with 3 or more fishing can catch it. doesn't usually run away but if there are 2+ creatures around it would flee.

Jellyfish- moves 1 tile each 2 moves. Gives 2 food but has a 50% chance of poisoning the creature killing it. Doesn't really care about the nichelings, sometimes even going near them!


Tigers- spawns near trees and has 3 attack. Moves stealthily through the grasses (using hearing ability doesn't show you where tigers are) and can pounce a creature 2 tiles away but then cant do that for the rest of the turn. Gives the same amount of food as carnivores do and has 2 defense. Goes for younger nichelings and can kill babies instantly (Can't every predator kill babies instantly?). Moves around like rabbits.

Black birds- is bigger then the blue bird and has the same movements of it. It can land for 5 moves through 2 turns. During it's time on the ground it attacks nichelings if they get too close, steal bones,eat meat, and occasionally eats berries. If it is attacked, it doesn't take damage but goes back into the sky. They die from old age and can also get sick.

Wolves- sticks in groups of 3-6. Move like carnivores but have 4 movements, goes for bunnies. Attacks carnivores too and collects it's meat, but the nichelings can get to the meat first. Their health is like carnivore's health. If there are some nichelings around but not that much, the wolves would attack. Wolves have 3 strength and can wipe out a nicheling quickly. Drops 7 meat and has less life then nichelings and carnivores. If a nicheling attacks / kills one of the wolves, the other wolves will attack that nicheling next turn. Only appear the hard and up islands. (As I said, a lot like Arctic ramfoxes.)

Squids- move like fish and are found in deep waters. Go for the nichelings as soon as they are in sight. Has a 30% chance of draining the life out a creature (I don't know what that means, perhaps does more damage and makes it bleed or even kill the nicheling??). Drops 5 food and eats fish.

Otters- Only spawns in rivers / ponds / lakes and eats fish and Clown Koi. Has 2 attack and is usually found in pairs. They have a chance of walking out the water and eating berries. Move like rabbits but can swim fast. Attacks nicheling no matter what if it is in / near it's territory (I'm guessing it's territory is either the whole river / pond / lake, or it might have a limited area it could roam and that would be it's territory), but if there are 4+ Nichelings, it would usually run away but they can occasionally attack. I ran out of ideas..

Sorry if I spelled some things wrong, I do that often ^ ^" 


That's it and that's all.


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