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Male nichelings can build nests



So I was thinking that it would be nice if male nichelings could build nests, not just the females. Rather than the nest appearing on the same tile the nicheling is standing on I imagine it would appear on the tile beside them. There are some bird species where the male will build a nest or multiple to attract a mate, so why not nichelings as well. Other than providing a nest for your own tribe members to have their babies, it would also increase the chances of a female wander appearing, maybe a 65% chance of a female wanderer? I think this would help if you were running low on females and were having difficulty finding a tree stump to call from. It would also be nice from a story telling perspective for your males to try and impress females with more than just gathering food, showing that they're very good at providing, in my opinion anyways. I'm not sure if this would be too much work but thank you for considering my idea

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Guest SilverTheNicheling

.... I can’t believe there was a suggestion even similar to mine but came before and I haven’t even noticed it....

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