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Eagles - Old Suggestion



Here's an old suggestion back before even the mountain update, so it's pretty outdated, but I'm too lazy to (completely) fix it up.

I made another.. Suggestion.. With all of my old suggestions, but I've decided to split them up so they could be voted on separately.

Original thread if your wondering:


So, here it is.

Eagles- birds that roam around like the blue birds, but can't be seen if not above lit up tiles. Instead of swooping down to take pups, they take meat from things your Nichelings and carnivores kill before they could get to it even if a nicheling is next to the meat. They can attract the blue birds because the blue birds could think a tribe is near because of all the food it is trying to take (???). They stick on the ground for 2 moves (I presume every turn or so?) and can be attacked once for 3 food (Maybe a little more like 5 or even 7 food?).  (Perhaps they could be called Eaglak (Eagle/Hawk) or something instead?) (Maybe they can spawn as common or a little less common as the bluebird and only on Medium+ or Hard+ islands?)

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