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Handful of ideas ("PvP", Leagues, Drone Rating and Drone Rating accesories)


[Disclaimer: Those ideas are supposed to be reconsidered during winter 18/19, after Beta release and getting more players]

First part of the post is copy of part of my conversation with Micha, He said that I should post it on forum so other devs may see it.


Kassakohl-Last Friday 15:04

I've extended my yesterday thought about leagues
Looks a bit messy but i guess this may solve for example problem of making fixed rating

Micha-Last friday 15:06


Kassakohl-W zeszły piątek o 15:04

L1,2,3,4 are leagues
The 4 columns are 4 1st weeks of maintaining league system
Red arrows represent who can fight with who
column 1:
There is only 1 league yet, everyone is in it
at the end of the week (for example week) every drone with rating higher than 5 (5+) gets moved to higher league
column 2:
there are 2 leagues
drones from L1 can have as opponents drones from L1 and L2
defeating drone from higher league will get you additional points (fixing 10 rating problem solved)
drones from L2 can only fight each other
at the end of week L1 repeats situation with sending drones league up

Micha-Last friday 15:10

ok I see

Kassakohl-Last friday 15:10

L2 sends drones with rating ove 5.5+ to L3 and 2- to L1
at the end of each week, rating of each drone resets
one of questions is
if you want to have static borders, or harder each league
becouse you can just set the 5+ and 2- as standards
of if you want limited amount of leagues, increase the borders
in 1st situation skills of drones in "neighbour" leagues will be pretty similiar, and increasing the score will be easier, so amount of drones in each league will be likely even
in 2nd, going up is harder and higher leagues have much less drones to fight

Kassakohl-Yesterday 08:10

Im bad at this, but i have few ideas
1st thing-status. While sharing a drone, user will have option to choose drone's status, private or public Private - only creator can access the drone and fight using it, other users can check its statistics and heading with its picture Public - everyone can fight using the drone, with a "try me" option drone will be sent on fight against real enemy, and earn adequate rating for the fight, and the user will be avalible to spectate the drone. drone creator may also let others make a duplicate of their drone for self, but also set limits to prevent massive plagiarising and spam, exaple limits:
-drone duplicate will be in additional catalogue in drone choice, user can access the blueprint and see all the logic hiding behind drone's functioning, but drone cant fight in singleplayer misssions, tournaments, and neither in leagues, and neither shared with other users
-better the drone, higher the effort wil be required to re-use the drone, user will have to manually remake the drone in usable catalogue
-creator may set price to buy a duplicate of a drone, it may be free, but also may cost rogium, other resources, or whatever currency there will be, and creator will get its earnings (or maybe just some % of what people paid) for each duplicate bought *to adjust number of battles "try me" option may be avalible in both statuses
-another limit may be download range, so only users from few leagues below may download it, so if you are in top, champion (14) league and the drone is public, plebs from junkyard (1) or even titanium (9) wont be able to download it, becouse that would be a bit unfair(edytowane)
2nd thing-number of battles. as rating may be 10 after your 1st lucky fight, you may have to take at least, 5/10/changing with league fights within time of league going on, so you will have to complete 2 requirements to advance to next league or stay. "try me" option will make fulfiling 2nd one easier, and game would still be fair
3rd thing-rating earnings as your drones fight others, they may have changing ranking over time, so if you defeat him in monday or thursdat may give different rating changes, rating counted when you fight a drone, may get static, by setting it to the rating of the drone at the end of last week, so for example even if now you lost and it have now rating 3.00, and tommorow will have 9.00, you wont lose so much anyway, becouse week ago at the end it had 7.50, but that will make neccessary to store additional variable for each drone(edited)
4th thing-"prestige" to increase competitivity, top drones of each week may collect some kind of badges on their profiles, and/or some [unknown currency] prizes for example really good drone may collect 7 badges for 1st place, 2 for 2nd and 13 for 3rd place in champion league
5th thing-abandoning drones/spam people will onlly make more and more drones, with private ones the thing is easy, for example 0 fights in 5 weeks in a row may result in removing the drone from database bigger problem would be with public drones, that everyone can use (or just every dronee with "try me" option) few ways to solve the problem: -uploading a drone with "try me" option, so actually almost automatic way to earn rating and fights, may cost currency/resources -users may have limited amount of slots for sharing drones, so for example they can have only 5 drones uploaded to leagues at once -user may have to use the drone at least once per 4 leagues, if the drone will stay 4 weeks unattended by creator, it will just expire and get removed from database
6th thing (prolly the last yet)-mass categories this one is pretty simple, on the picture the mass category is 81-100, so Classic there may be just few categories from 25-, through 55-80, up to 175+, drone with amount of parts matching to a category lands in a "separate server" than other drones, drones land in different databases depending on their amount of parts, so they cant fight each other, to keep the game fair, and even if your drones in 81-100 category cant get over league (3), you may try your luck in other categories
there are also few minior ideas, but i guess thats it yet

Before spamming his inbox we were discussing about drone rating itself.
Rating would range from -10.00 to 10.00
Fights with drones with negative ratings would be ignored.
Winning with rating, for example 7.1, will give you 7.1 points to calculating machine for your drone.
Losing to a drone will give you pretty adequate amount of points, becouse losing to enemy with lower rating will cause losing more points, for example losing to 9, will remove 1 point, and losing to 3.5 will cause losing 6.5 (10-n)
It is mainly designed, so losing to very strong enemies, or winning with the weakest, won't influence your score significally, but once you win with strong enemy or lose to very weak, your score will change very much.
Here is a little spreadsheet so you may check how would the rating more exactly work:

Post scriptum:
After the end of a league all of scores from it, before resetting may be saved and attached to a drone, and let it be X^(Log(10+sqrt(10));(Y)
Where X is the rating of a drone at the end of the week, and Y is the highest score in the leagues this week.
Then, winning with drone from higher league won't give you X points to rating, becouse, hey, it's higher league, it will give you X+sqrt(X)
The underlined equation is supposed to keep all the ratings close to the -10 => 10 range, highest impossibly value to end up a week with would be 13.16, but drones from league below will still get you as 10/13.16 (10+sqrt(10)~=13.16)

Final word: Thank you if you managed to get trough my bullsh1t without skipping any part. ☺️

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Hey thanks for posting our discussion to the forum, so we can discuss it together :)
I think it's a great idea to have a score for the sumo or other arenas that reflects how good the drones are compared to others instead of just the number of wins like we have it now. The leader board is currently hidden because the scores look pretty boring, all top 10 players have 10 points.

Also having different leagues for different types of drones (weight-classes or allowing just some part types) and different skill level is an interesting idea!

Would be great to hear what other alpha testers think about a tournament system for sumo or drone battles!

We currently work hard on the next update coming next week, so we'll discuss it as soon as we start working on improvements on the sumo tournament.. @Markus also had some ideas using leader boards for daily challenges.


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@OmegaDeltaZero Thank you a lot for posting here. I have to take some time to dig through all your informations and ideas and formulate my own opinion about it. Sorry for asking for some patience :) It's awesome how much thought you put into this, I'm looking forward to read through all your ideas :) 

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Is this for sumo or combat? My main concern if it's for sumo is that from what I can tell the sumo battles are very rock paper scissors and if you are +9 rock and lose to a -10 paper that kinda sucks because even if you won you get absolutely nothing out of it, but if you lose you lose a ton of points.

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Yes, drones ARE rock-paper-scissors, but you just have to make a drone that would be as superior to others as possible. Losing to drone with negative rating was supposed to be considered training and not count to rating. Worst lose would be "0.00" what is pretty not probable, and if your drone would lose to so RARE and so WEAK drone, then it looks like you deserved it. Also few proper wins would balance it back. Drone matching could be set by drone owners to match only with drones within certain rating range. 

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I guess my concern is that Sumo tactics can be so weird and unpredictable, that there might be a crappy drone out that that can't really beat anything, but due to deterministic behavior, happens to have your drone's number, and can knock you out with a fluke. 

Sure, part of the challenge is to design against that kind of thing, but I personally like the idea, more, of earning points in a battle, and taking the average of your last 25 or however many battles as your rating, then derive a ranking from that rating.  You can limit who you can challenge by the delta in those ratings, fluke wins and fluke losses will eventually vanish from your ratings, and it seems relatively simple to program, maintain, and organize, without needing arbitrary cutoff points between classifications.

You can still use classifications as signifiers of player skill, as an accomplishment granted.

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