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NOT gate "always on" on planet

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Running version 0.3.2
Possibly related to Aevus's post about NOT gates below

I was trying to make a little mining drone that activates once the distance sensor stops activating (see very crudely drawn explanation on screenshot) It works exactly as anticipated in the testing area, but once I got to the planet to test, the drone immediately activates, as if the NOT gate is activating B even though the distance sensor (A) is still detecting the drone above it.

logic error 01.PNG



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Taking it straight up seems to reliably fix the issue
I'm pretty sure bumping the Nimbatus does it. I'm on repetition 5 and this has worked every time. Hovering just below the ship doesn't seem to help.
Edit: Alternate hypothesis is that the impact knocks the sensors out of alignment, and that quick toggle resets it. I'm unable to repeat this "fix" with a single central sensor (like in the drone file I sent.)


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