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An upgrade


i have an new upgrade idea, the oppisite of the minigun upgrade
it charges when you not hold it, and it gets less over time. i made an little gif:

Flaming Idea.gif

this can work on all weapons:

Laser: less beams and range
gun/shotgun/grenade launcher: less shots and attack speed

flame thower: Less flames (kind of like in the gif)


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Sounds interesting. Just to quickly check:

You mean that if you don't do anything, it charges up (up to a certain value). If you active/shoot, it shoots with full strength/speed/... . The longer you press the key, the more it depletes and the more it depletes, the more strength/speed/... whatever goes down as well, until both reach zero. Then you have to wait until it charges back to use it again.

To balance it, the depletion would need to be much faster than the reloading, so that you can't quickly smash the button.This way you use the weapon for a short amount of time and then it's  very very strong, but it gets weak pretty fast and you have to retreat to let it charge up.

Is that what you mean? :) 

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Yeah but not from 100% to zero, to something like 5-10% so it doesnt get completely useless and it looks cooler (i think)

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