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Application (.exe file) self deletes the moment I run it.

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So, I installed the demo from the website and I got a 70+ mb .rar file. When i extracted the file, it created 3 things. A folder called data, a unity dll file and an application file called Nimbatus. After I clicked on said application file an error message popped up telling me that I might not have permission to run the file (I totally do and I am the only account on my laptop) after which the application file deleted itself completely as in nothing in the recycle bin or anywhere on my computer. The data folder and unity dll files were still there and so was the .rar file. I thought okay, lets try the 32-bit version instead just in-case my laptop is secretly a potato, SO i installed that too but the same thing happened. SO I thought maybe windows UAC might be the problem, turned it off and took ownership of the application file with registry thingy, still deleted itself. 

I am of firm belief that I am numb in the head and that there is probably a very good reason as to why the application file deletes itself but I wanna play the game so if any of you could sort it out for me i would be grateful.

I have a windows 10, HP Pavillion 15t with an 8gb ram, 1tb of storage of which I have used slightly more than a quarter. The pc is in good shape and a recent purchase (2 years roughly). Intel core i5 7th generation cpu and the laptop can handle 64 bit applications. I have Norton Antivirus but it isn't the reason for Nimbatus deleting itself, I made sure of it.

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Some players had the problem that the virus scanner falsely identified Nimbatus as a virus and then deleted it.
You could try to whitelist it on your antivirus software and try again, if thats the case.

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