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Colorblind friendly Nimbatus



I saw someone on Youtube mentioning that certain elements in Nimbatus are very hard to see and understand if you are colorblind. We don't have someone with that in our development team, so need the help of the community to resolve this issue.

If you have a certain color sensibility: Can you point out what part / feature is hard to understand? We would love to have a growing list of such issues, so that we can fix it when we have time or prevent it from the start when we create new content.

If you have an issue, it would be very helpful if you could provide a screenshot and point out the problems.


Disclaimer: Currently until the early-access release we don't have time focusing on this issue, as we revamp the gameplay & progression system in the game. This is something we might only can address later during the early-access phase, maybe close to the full-launch when we begin fixing and polishing the game (and the gameplay is relative fixed).
Still: This is an important issue and the more information we can gather until that time the easier it is for us to implement and fix it. Thank you for your support :) 


Problematic parts known so far:

  • Resource: Depending on the sensibility, the 1st (Yellow) and 3rd resource (Blue) are hard to differentiate.


Things we might change in the game, if we have time:

  • Add different textures/structures to resources, so they are easier to differentiate
  • Add unique icons to each biome on the worldmap, so they are easier to differentiate
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I see this is a very old post, but I found it when searching for any other suggestion posts duringthe Community 1.1 Update Suggestions. Perhaps this is a better place to mention it than a new thread.

I am slightly Protanopia colorblind and moderately deuteranopia colorblind. Both are called "red / green" colorblindness. I don't have tritanopia (yellow / blue) colorblindess, so I can't address your original question unfortunately.

I'm not very far into the game, but the main issue I'm running into the minimap. I have a hard time separating... well nearly everything other than empty space.

I can do it, but it isn't something I can do at a glance.

Hopefully this example helps.

1.a (my ship), when near the planet is a similar color.

1.a and 2 (green(?) resources) are difficult to see the differences between.

3 (red(?) resources) and the world are probably the hardest for me, especially on the orange(?) background. It's all just similar color schemes.



Is it at all possible to allow us to define the resource colors on our own? Maybe with hexadecimal values? I can see them just fine when flying around, it's just on the map.

The only other issue I could think of is maybe the logic gates using red/green for off/on. Right now they aren't an issue for me personally, but I've always liked the idea of red for negative and blue for positive.

As a side note, maybe this site can help identify issues? https://www.color-blindness.com/coblis-color-blindness-simulator/

Thanks for considering these issues.

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