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Creating nicheling NPCs



What if when you edit your sandbox mode, you could choose to add your own nicheling NPCs? You could choose whether they'd be agressive or not, or possibly some other options of what they do? Such as maybe they only steal a certain type of food. Maybe in the jungle you could make them try to attract the apes? Possibly edit them so all they know how to do is kill. You could choose if they move the same as your nichelings or at night like bearyenas. You'd have to choose all of their genes and choose a name for them. Just, this seems like the closest you could get to making your own NPCs, just to add some more fun as you play.


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Would be interesting to make challenges with wanderers all having a specific gene or behavioural types like having a gluttonous wanderer who targets food or a violent one that attacks nichelings or even a thief that steals your babies and turns them into wanderers so you have to kill them and invuite the baby back. and maybe the behaviour types could have specific genes associated with them haha

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