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Pregnancy duration setting



This goes hand in hand with a setting to change the lifespan of your Nichelings. If a Nicheling lives for, say, 40 days or longer, being able to give birth on the day after breeding feels a little overpowered. Why not add in the option to change the pregnancy duration, so a female can only give birth two days after breeding, or make the waiting time even longer, depending on your preference and wish for realism?

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8 minutes ago, Philo said:

This will be added in the upcoming update ^^

Oh wait what really?! How will it work? Like you have the setting on three days and the female won't give birth until those days are over even though she is on a nest? (If that is the case may I suggest that we have a timer thing we can hover over to see how long we have until the pregnancy is over? )

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