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Nimbatus Alpha Key GIF Contest!

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Hi everyone!

We're revamping our GIF Competition to make it easier for everyone to enter.

To get a chance to win a Nimbatus Alpha Key, all you have to do is post a good looking Nimbatus GIF you created yourself (with the  demo version ) in this thread.  Every other week our team will choose one GIF from this thread and award the creator one Steam Key.  The competition stays open.


  • You can only win once. If you already won a key in this or a previous GIF competition or you got a key via the giveaway, you are not eligible for this contest.
  • Only GIFs made with the  Nimbatus Demo  are allowed.
  • Several GIFs / entries per person are allowed. But please don't spam the thread with similar GIFs! Each GIF should be able to stand on it's own and is interesting in itself.
  • If you enter this contest, you allow us to share your GIF via our social media channels.

Have Fun! ❤️ 


Tipp 1: The GIF capture tool hides bad framerates. If you turn off the Bloom because of performance reasons, turn them on before recording the GIF. The game might have a low frame rate, but the resulting GIF should run smoothly and might result in nicer looking GIF because of the effects.

Tipp 2: If you press F9, please wait until the "Generate GIF" message disappears, otherwise your recorded GIFs might get corrupted. Press F9 and wait, and then it should result in a 6 seconds long GIF. 

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20 hours ago, DaddyLongLegs said:

My Submission:

Hello There

General Kenobi.gif

(General Kenobi)




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I get a little help from my battery pack that can mine itself to the core



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BEHOLD Roboto the destroyer of worlds!


Which is also an autonomous hive destroyer :



I already played five hours today! :)

Self-defending autonomous planet cleaner :




A simple concept using a "not" gate to charge the jump drives and get a one-click-sprinter kind of ship :



I've made a lot of other stuff!

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