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Old Naming System - Bring Back Bob!



So, I understand the naming system was changed to avoid typing around stuff. But, I loved seeing youtubers or other people just rename random rouges, like bob the crippled rouge male! Or Uncle Bearyena, who never actually got the name but you get it! 
So can we have that come back?

Possible Way It Could Work:
(Suggestion from Dingorok)


Here's Bob.

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Maybe instead of the old system, which annoyingly caused you to accidentally change a nicheling's name to AaaAAaA or some other long gibberish name, there can be a naming button (like the one found in the family tree screen) that you have to purposely click in the circle profile before you can change the name. To save the name, just press enter.


Either put the naming button on:

a.the side panel with the 4 current options as a new 5th option OR

b. inside of the circle profile near the name. 

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by the way all the bob the crippled horny male fans, you can name rouge males. just have them have a baby with one of your females, and edit his name from the family tree. simple. i had a red toxic bodied rouge male called tomato once, and he was my favourite nicheling "in" the tribe.

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