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Bones and scavengers!



It would be really cool if bones had a use in the game and were implemented more widely. For example, a pile of meat that is left alone too long turns into bones, and bones also have a chance to appear after gathering meat. Bones would have multiple uses, and nicheling bones would be a bit different. In many tribes I have seen, people say that the nichelings that die in the nest "bless it" with their bones. This could be made a reality. If bones are left alone for too long, they have a chance to fertilize the tiles next to them. This means that nests affected by decomposing bones are repaired and reinforced. Also berry bushes produce more berries for some time if affected, and roots are more likely to spawn in these tiles. This could lead to players assigning nichelings to guard the bones, and to place their elders more strategically so they have a chance to become fertilizer. Bones left behind by non nicheling animals can also fertilize the area, but it takes longer. However, nichelings with this new gene can benefit from bones:

Bone cracking jaw: +1 smelling(because its best to not smell a carcass) +1 bone cracking, +1 cracking

nichelings with this gene can gather food from bones, and nesting material from nicheling bones. The amount of food obtained by cracking bones is equal to the amount of meat you would have obtained, but with 3 more food points. This would be useful if you have a lot of food and you can wait to gather the meat. Also, because there is a small chance of a carcass leaving bones behind after being gathered, you could get a lot of food. You would need to carefully guard the bones, because there are scavengers that would love to get their hands on them:

Boneitor lizard: It has the appearance of a black monitor lizard with a cassowary's crest. Most of the time, its not dangerous. It moves one tile every time a nicheling moves, and it can be killed in one hit, because of its extra soft skin. It can be found on every island, it can cross rivers, and it has 3 smelling, 2 eyesight and 3 hearing. It is very wary about nichelings, and likes to stay at least one tile away from them. It is attracted to bones and it will gather them, for every bone pile it collects, it gains 1 point in defense, and if it collects nicheling bones, it gains 2 points, visually, it covers itself in bone armor. It can reach a maximum of 10 defense, and once it reaches that cap, it will start hunting other things. It will go for bunnies, moles, and baby nichelings, and it swallows them whole. there is a chance it will drop a bit of armor when attacked, and you can harvest bones from that armor piece.

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1 hour ago, bostonlobstah said:

If this gets added all my elders will be thrown next to the berry bushes instead of surrounded by their family lol

Well, they could be next to berry bushes and family if you do it right XD

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