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Did Not Receive EmmaUniverse Achievement

Wolf D. Plasma


*Running Niche Version 1.1.4*

Hi again, it's me with another achievement issue I've encountered.  This time, it's with the EmmaUniverse Achievement.  The achievement requires that you breed an animal with Black Fur (with no melanism), Yellow Eyes, No Pattern, Poison Fangs, one Claw, Nimble Fingers, and to name the nicheling "Emma".  I have bred such a child, but, upon naming her "Emma", I did not get the achievement as I was expecting to.
I was connected both to the Internet and Steam at the time, and have both restarted the game multiple times and even continued with the save up to her adulthood and still have yet to get the achievement.

Here is the save that the child resides on.  Let me know if you need anymore information!


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Thanks for reporting folks.
We looked into it and there was nothing to be found :/
We're at a point where we think  this is a Steam related problem that we can't fix.

For some people it just seems to take longer to get a specific breeding achievement (different for each player!)
Usually when you just keep playing (and usually after restarting the game some times), you should get the achievement.
I'll let you know if this changes.

Sorry >_<

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