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True Beginnings Mode


True Beginnings Mode: A mode that makes it a 'you're-the-only-creatures-in-the-world' challenge.

  • No Wanderers or Rogue Males
  • New Immunity genes (ones that the breeding pair doesn't have) have a chance to be randomly mutated (but not in the mutation menu)
  • Genes that need to be bred in from wanderers (i.e. antenna) would either need a way to be unlocked or be randomly mutated like the immunity genes
  • Bad genes (blind eyes, shortsighted eyes, deformed paw, etc) have a chance of being randomly mutated in like Immunity genes
  • Released males have a small chance of becoming rogues
  • Every time a day passes, a new plant has a chance to spawn (ex. You are on a Tiny Green. Tiny Green could have, say, a max of 5 bushes spawned in when your creatures enter the island, and a max of 5 bushes that can be spawned in. Every day has a 10% chance of a new berry bush spawning in, and once one does spawn, the chance of a new one appearing after that goes down to 9%, and so on.) This could happen with berry bushes, poison berry bushes, healing fruits, carnivorous plants, those plants that looks like cotton and give nesting material, kelp, water-breathing plants, and grass (explained further below). If a plant does have a chance to grow, it will spawn in as a seedling, eventually growing to maturity.
  • The island you start on is called Eden. Only a few berry bushes are full gown, and the rest are still seedlings. All grass is already 'cleared out', and the re-growing grass is still regrowing.
  • I'm too lazy to write anything else so the rest can be decided by devs/comments.
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