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The Bread Board


We can Toggle Editor Hotkeys so I had an Idea that could use the same space

In Electronic a Bread Board is a way to connect up the parts of a circuit to make sure they work as intended before the expensive printing of the circuit boards is done. When I design a Drone I find myself writing on note cards what keys I used in my Gates as place holders for the more complected automation to work properly.

The Bread Board is a table that generates as you build your drone For example

A Side Thrust
B Drop Bomb
C Collect
D Side Thrust
K [ pencil icon ]
S Thrust Down

When you "Add Key" it will check the list of used keys and add to the list if the key was not already used. Clicking The pencil icon will let you label the key so you can remember what it should be doing. The Key on the list will act like a form radial option button selecting a key will un-select the others and Highlight the parts on the drone that are set to that key. At the Top or Bottom of the list can be a button to reserve a key adding it to the list even if there are no parts that are set to that key. Keys in the list that have no parts set to it can be in a different color and have a remove key button beside the label. There could be sort options to put the list in alphabetical by key or label, Order the key was added. There could also be a custom order mode letting you drag them into a presentation Order.

This will also be helpful as the community uploads and shares their drone designs. Just go to the edit screen turn on Bread Board and now you can see the list of controls for the drone you just downloaded. This will encourage the sharing of more complicated probes

With a Presentation order you can set the background keys to hide and the list of control keys could be added to the select drone screen

I welcome Feedback on this Idea as I would want this Feature to fit the needs of as many playing styles as possible.

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Some sort of way to tell controls at a glance would be awesome, though I'm a bit of a fan of this suggestion


Either way would be nice though.  One thing worth mentioning, if you aren't already using TAG in the top left, give it a shot - it lets you use variable names for inputs and outputs, making logic MUCH less complicated

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