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Galaxy completion rewards/unlocks


I have another topic suggesting new core designs and was thinking, "Wouldn't it be cool to be able to unlock new core designs or block colors, etc. by completing new galaxies or perhaps completing missions?" Say something like "Complete 25 sumo arenas" and it would unlock a solid gray/bowling ball like core (or maybe something even silly like a drone core wearing a sumo diaper). Some suggestions on achievements and unlocks below.

Complete sumo arenas - @25 - solid color core, @50 - diaper core

Complete a galaxy - @1-10, unlock a new color ring on the default core for each galaxy

Destroy 100, 300 eggs/ complete 10 snake missions - Unlock a snake egg core (Yoshi egg @300?)

Freeze 50, 100, 200 volcanic eruptions/ complete 10 volcano missions - Snowflake core with different shapes

Destroy 25, 50, 100 transmitters - "Mechanical core" - Maybe something with hinges/hydraulics/machinery parts with more details and visible parts at higher tier


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We have actually thought about adding skins as a reward for sumo-tournaments, and even have a few assets ready, it's just not implemented yet ^^

But unlocking some of them through missions/progression is a great idea, thanks for the suggestion :D

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