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Benign creatures and research


I suppose that those are supposed to be added in to the game sooner or later, since they are mentioned in the loading screen, but then at least i would like to elaborate on this idea: I think that not all research should be shown at the begining, in fact almost none should be shown, but only the most basic. But when a player would encounter a new being, kill that being, and some part of it would drop and when enough of creature parts would be dropped in the hopper, a research or multiple would show up.

And if you want ideas for creatures, here are some:

Stationary, half plant half animal, benign if not touched, otherwise it would release spore clouds which would disable energy and fuel regeneration for a certain time and then disperse. They would only glow if aggitated. If uprooted would shrivell up and die. Sensitive to heat and bio. Very frequent.

Plankton that would thrive in high altitude as a mass, they would move closer to neutral and warm parts causing thrusters to get clogged, therefore they would be less powerful, and when in contact with any cold or extreme heat, it would move away. It should glow depending on concentration. It would be most perfect if it was glowing wiht multiple colors. It should only exist in warmer planets.

Moderate-small sized snake like creatures that would burrow through the soil. Incredibly sturdy. They would have shells that would ignore kinetic damage, and would only break if applied with extreme hot and then cold from two to four times. Quite rare, but slow and easy to see.

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I think some of these ideas would add more incentive to use the heating/cooling parts, which were need.

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