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Random Screenshots From A Long Time Ago Captioned

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You know the drill. I couldn't think of any sarcastic replies to other topics.


Stripes: "Hey mom! Isn't the view so interesting?-"

Spit-Snout in the Background: "GET IN THE VAN, I HAVE FREE WI-FI"


Stripes with Horns: "Look at this, tribe! I'm gonna collect from two berry bushes at the same time!"

Grey Spots: "And that there, daughter, is an example of a programming error."


Panda: "I, um... Is it rude of me to say that I'm disappointed our child doesn't look like us?"

White Stripes: "What-"


Grey Stripes: "My, my, the fireflies like to swarm me when it rains, don't they."


Spotted Gills: "This is fine."

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God I miss the old graphics.

That is Bat, he was from one of my first tribes when we couldn't even name Nichelings yet





I'll leave it at four, otherwhise I couldn't stop with my screenshot obsession ^^

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These guys unlocked one new eye colour per day. The black eyes were the only exception, at 666 food.


Found this nightmare, too. Naturally let her have a child with the dotted guy. Then a clone found them. 20181002_141900.thumb.jpg.2019be9401770eee9b6aac9d1a833104.jpg

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