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Multiple targets for directional sensors

Marker Mage


So I was reading another "have directional sensor/weapon target closest ____" suggestion when I had some ideas for options for what to do with a directional sensor set to target something that there is two or more of.


Let's get the one that inspired this out of the way first. This just has the closest of the multiple targets decide which section of the directional sensor is activated. Maybe show multiple targeting dots with the nearest one being visually different from the others.


For a default, I was thinking that we would have a visual of multiple smaller dots in the sensor for different targets. If even one of them is in the colored sections, it gives the tilted ____ output for the section. A sensor with this option set is capable of giving both outputs at the same time.


Much like default, this option gives the multiple smaller dots visual. This option counts the number of dots in each section, including the grey tolerance section, and acts as a single-target directional sensor with its target dot in whichever section has the most target dots.


Instead of the familiar targeting dot (or maybe in addition to?), this option gives a targeting arc/pizza slice that tries to be as small as possible while still covering all possible targets. Maybe have it only work if it can contain them in a 180 degree or less arc (have player able to set lower limit?) if it can save some effort in programming. Other than this, this option behaves much like the default in that any section the arc overlaps gives its output.

Arc Center

This works like the arc option except for marking the center of the arc with a dot that activates the section it's in instead.

Arc Average

Much like arc center option, but with the average of the targets' positions relative to the outer points of the arc being used for targeting instead.

Arc Most

This behaves like the arc option, but instead of activating any section the arc touches, it limits itself to activating whichever section contains the biggest chunk of the arc. If that section happens to be the tolerance, no section is activated.


In addition to these multi-targeting options I would suggest a separate option for tolerance that can be set to ignore, default, and priority.

Ignore: When set to ignore, targets in tolerance section are just ignored. Nearest will go with nearest target outside of the tolerance section. Most will treat the tolerance section as though no targets were in it. Arc options will never have an end point in the tolerance section.

Default: Tolerance is just treated as a third section that can still be chosen instead of left or right.

Priority: If a multi-targeting option has to choose between right, left, or tolerance exclusively, then any targets in tolerance will cause it not to activate either of the two tilt outputs.


Another concern would have to be whether this would just be an update to the directional sensor or if it could become a new multi-directional sensor part or something.

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I think Nimbatus thrives in simplicity; simple parts working together for something more complex.  That's why a veteran of 3-D shooters can pick this up, and make a drone that can turn to face and enemy, and shoot at it.

All I need from distance sensors - and implementable without such a serious code/UI rework and without increasing the learning curve - is more options for targets.

  • Nearest Enemy
  • Nearest non-ore terrain
  • Nearest ore
  • Nearest enemy projectile
  • Nearest object. (Barrel, meteor, broken ship part)
  • Hopper
  • Specific drone part
  • And of course, gravity/sumo center, and cursor.

Get me distance sensors (similar to altimeters) that do the same thing, and I'll be happy as a pig in . . . well.

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