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Dear developers, Im attempting to mod Nimbatus, and I have a few questions.

Am I allowed to redistribute the assembly-Csharp file after I modded it?

Im having some issues with recompiling code to Unity/Silverstone, is it compiled in another way or is it my software? (Using ILSpy with some extensions)

What pieces of code should I absolutly NOT touch?

Is there anything else about modding I need to know?



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You are allowed to create mods.

Unfortunately we don't offer modding tools yet, so the only way is to do it is to decompile and recompile our code.
So it's a bit difficult to add new parts or textures.

@OmegaRogue created some mods before, maybe he can help you. I suggest to chat him up here or on our discord :)

I only request that you don't mess with the steam leaderboard entries for drone sumo, as this would be unfair to other players and we don't allow it.


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