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Fixed! Collection thread: when broken stuff leaves bits behind


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On the initiative of @Lurkily:

With TNT bombs that look like the following (left the actual design; right an exploded view, if you allow me the pun). Button operates the thruster, all bombs are set to detonate on pressing a key (R in this case). Said bombs are produced by factories.


It would seem that setting off several such bombs at once, regardless of proximity to one another, makes some of the bombs leave their button and sometimes a strut behind. Said button and strut are not subject to gravity, but the button can be shot at (it seems not to take damage) and pushed around by parts of a spacecraft. This does not happen when the bombs are not moving; three bombs with one thruster each make it happen, although inconsistently so; two bombs with two thrusters each make it happen to one bomb; three bombs with two thrusters each make it happen to two bombs.

Here are some gifs to show the issue. In order: Six immobile bombs (one thruster each), two immobile plus one moving (one thruster each), two spinning (two thrusters each), three spinning (two thrusters each).





I assume it has to do with movement calculations hampering other processes, but do not possess any other data right now. That is why, to everyone reading: do share your pictures of destruction or otherwise, going awry and leaving you with unwanted stuff. The more we manage to pile up, the easier it should be for the developers to pinpoint and fix the problem.

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I was gonna submit my drone . . . . but I loaded up my game, picked my drone, and in my end-of-day stupor, clicked the first button I saw.  It happened to be delete.

My drone is gone, but it also had parts parented to TNT to make sure all pieces were treated as debris after its job was done.  (And thus wouldn't contribute to lag quite as much.)

This drone was an ore-courier.  Everything was parented to TNT, which in turn was parented to a splitter so that two couriers wouldn't interfere with each other.  The courier would manufacture, I would vacuum ore with ore-suckers on hinged arms, and when I detached, it would navigate to 100 altitude, and position itself under the drone core (which at start, attaches itself to the Nimbatus, directly over the hopper,) and then dropped by gravity alone into the hopper - zero thrust.  The detonation was upon detection of the hopper (terrain). 

It always left a spray of parts and struts behind, quite messy.

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