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What I'm curious about - suggestions for points on the roadmap.


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 There are a few things I think are crucial, and it'd interest me to know where they might fall on the roadmap. I'm not demanding answers - just saying that they're things I would be happy to see when you do post your roadmap. 

I would like to know, if these things are planned, when it's planned to focus on:

additional sensor criteria, streamlining logic performance, any work on the build UI, a tech or unlock system for unlocking basic parts, a drone building economy so that a player has to invest time to be able to build crazy massive drones, and last but not least,  campaign development.

I know new competitive game modes like racing are next on your menu, so I know about where that falls.  

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We don't plan features that far ahead. Its more of an agile and iterative developement process. I can only tell you which features we have already promised to implement during early access and what the next update will contain. 

Some of the mentioned things like the build UI, sensor improvements or performance will be improved continiously during the early access and might not be bundled into one single update.

We give our best to listen to your suggestions and feedback and develop the game together with you. Each update will contain improvements and suggestions from our players :)

We will discuss it with the team and make a post soon which will include a bit more information.

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