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Any information on this game?


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I just saw a gif of Nimbatus on imgur and it completely caught my eye. I would love to know if there is an estimated time for release and an estimated price of this game.


It instantly reminded me of SPAZ but on a completely different scale. The game looks very promising and I would love to play it as soon as it releases.

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I never played SPAZ, but it looks fun :) Will check it out!

We plan to do a kickstarter campaign this november and release the game as an alpha for our backers on steam directly afterwards.

The steam early access release will follow 1-2 months later.


We haven't decided yet on a price for Nimbatus, but it will be in the range of 14-20$

We'll make a more detailed post on the roadmap and where we wan't to go with the game soon :)


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