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So I was just playing nimbatus then I took a break for 24 hours and when I got back, The save file and the amount of time spent on the save file was still there  but all my drones and upgrades disappeared (If anyone would tell how to spawn in the resources using cheat engine it would be greatly appreciated) (the Upgraded things was me attempting to use cheat engine (as soon as I changed the value the game crashed but reset my setium) I did this a few times to hopefully find the correct value but I didn't end up finding it)







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Hmm not good!
Did the game crash before you lost your save? Or did your pc shut down while the game was running?

To modify the resources you can edit the savefile. Just open the Slot1.nSave with WinRar or 7Zip, then edit the Resources.xml and update the zip. 

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