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Dear crew,

Here is a short overview on what we are working on and what new features and improvements you can expect in the future:

Next Update: New Campaign Mode
For the next update we are splitting the game into three different modes: Campaign, Sandbox and Competitive Mode. The campaign mode will feature a whole new set of rules and an improved progression system. We are experimenting with part unlocking, deployment costs and travel events for the campaign. However in the sandbox mode you will still be able to build huge drones with all parts unlocked from the start.

This is a big update which requires time to develop. As soon as we have something to test, we will open up a preview branch so you can help us find bugs and give us early feedback before the update goes live.

Planned Features and Improvements
There are some features we already promised during our Kickstarter campaign and things we'd like to improve. Those will be added at some point during the Early Access:

  • Ice planets
  • Drone vs. drone combat arena
  • Terrain rovers (wheels, ...)
  • More environmental events & weather
  • Bossfights
  • More Settings for the sandbox mode
  • Localization

Suggest and vote for new features
In addition to the features we have already planned, we give our best to listen to your feedback and include suggested features or improvements in every update! Here is how you can participate:

  • Visit our Forum and go through all the drone part and feature suggestions to upvote the ones that you want to see in the game!
  • Post your own suggestions and ideas, so other players can upvote them :)
  • We look through all suggestions and decide which ones we are going to add for each update. The upvotes help us to see which suggestions are popular.

The current plan is to fully release Nimbatus on Steam in Spring 2020.
We are happy to have you on board and we are excited to keep improving Nimbatus together with you! 

Stray Fawn Studio

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@Alpino_WILL_STEAL_ oats! Our experience shows that it's best if we don't promise a deadline when we can't be certain that we can meet it. It's in one hand to protect the players so that we don't set up date-expectations we can't meet, on the other hand it's bad for our stress-level and results in worse quality that we want to provide :) Therefore we won't announce a timeframe for anything specific yet.

But here on the forums you are the first to get to know everything, and also in the future you're able to participate in a testing-branch if you would like to :) 

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Though I dearly want to know too, I agree with this.  Development always takes longer than it takes, and I've worked in communities before where they soured the community by missing deadlines that they imposed themselves.   

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If you do promise a timeline, in general its good to do a few things.

1= Over-estimate the time to give yourself some wiggle room. If you think it will take a month, say two months. If its done earlier, great!

2= Be transparent. If something happens which may extend the deadline just tell people about it as far ahead of time as possible. Did we say two months? Well it looks like it might be 3. Sorry bout that but we ran across some bugs that need crushing.

3= Avoid over promising things. That way if there's more features than was earlier announced, its seen as a little bit extra instead of a little bit less.


Otherwise Im a very patient person, you guys take as long as you need. Thanks for giving us a heads up at all and a peek behind the curtain as far as the roadmap is concerned. The devs here seem like pretty cool people and I'm glad to have stumbled into Nimbatus along with its awesome community.

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4 hours ago, Alpino_WILL_STEAL_ oats! said:

I just wanted to know when you think it might be done so I can get hyped about how it’s coming in 11 months. 

I think its what happens when you're hyped for 11 months out, but it takes 12, or 15, or 20.

As a player, I increase all dev estimates by 50% in my head, because it always takes longer than it takes. 

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Oh wow! Racing sounds awesome.
I'm a long-time lurker, and that's a feature that could get me to pull the trigger!
Especially if there's a way I could race against my friends' drones (or their ghosts, or just their lap times).

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7 hours ago, SAibot said:

Hey, when do the wheels and such come out?H

"When it is ready" tends to be a rather accurate estimate. While more esoteric, "in due time" is also accepted.

Is it only an incongruous turn of events that made your sentence start and end with an H?

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On 4/6/2019 at 3:37 AM, SAibot said:

Hey, when do the wheels and such come out?H

Hi @SAibot. We don't have a time-frame yet for when we will release the "Terrain Rovers Update". We also don't yet have an internal date for when we will work on this feature. Currently we focus on improving the main game loop in the "Campaign / progression Update" (a Steam announcement about that will come soon). Additional features will come after this Update.

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